About Gin Gstsu

Are you ready to have a wonderful and relaxing experience in a traditional Japanese inn? Gin Getsu welcomes you to taste exquisite Japanese cuisine and distinctive regional sake, relax in a hot spring, and enjoy the warm comfort and hospitality of a traditional Japanese inn.

Photo Gin Gestu
Photo Gin Gstsu

It’s easy and convenient to visit Gin Getsu for a short and casual overnight trip or a weekend getaway! Located in Nagano prefecture’s Shimosuwa town, Gin Getsu is easily accessible from Tokyo and Nagoya. By express train, we are only 2.5 hours from Tokyo’s Shinjuku station, 2 hours from Nagoya station, and a five-minute walk from the nearest train station.


photo Dining

Gin Getsu takes pride in selecting only fresh local ingredients to make seasonal Japanese cuisine that are delicious and beautiful to the senses. During your stay, enjoy local cuisine and a kaiseki (Japanese multi-course) meal that fuses traditional and modern Japanese cuisine, and prepared lovingly by our chef. Our offered beverages, such as local sake, are carefully selected to complement and enhance each dish. We serve all meals in your room, where you can enjoy them at your leisure.

photo Onsen
photo Onsen

Did you know that there’s a variety of hot springs in Japan? Gin Getsu’s hot spring quality is classified as a simple hot spring with a low alkaline level. The source comes from a “silk hot spring”, which has a deep connection to the Suwa grand shrine. Our hot spring is comfortable, even for first time users, due to the water’s soft quality and fresh aroma. As you enjoy our hot spring, let its warmth seep into your body and enjoy a deep sense of relaxation and calmness. Gin Getsu has two types of baths, an indoor hot spring and an open-air bath where you can feel the fresh air and view the beautiful scenery.


photo Stay

Gin Getsu’s rooms represent traditional Japanese ryokan rooms called washitsu. A washitsu room can accommodate up to two or three people. By sharing accommodations with friends or family, the price for each guest receives a discount. Each room is also available for single guests. For more details, please include your inquiry when making a reservation.



One of Gin Getsu’s main attractions is the Japanese garden that welcomes guests in the entrance lobby and extends to the open-air bath. During your stay, please enjoy the traditional Shinsu crafts and handcrafted Matsumoto furniture displayed in our lobby. After a relaxing bath or rest in your room, you are welcome to take a leisurely stroll in our garden and view our pond’s colorful carp.

photo Building


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Taxes Bathing tax of 150Yen is charged separately (not included in the room rates)
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photo Suwa Grand Shrine

The best sightseeing spot in Suwa is the Suwa Grand Shrine. At over 1,200 years, the Suwa Grand Shrine is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan. Located around Suwa Lake, the Suwa Grand Shrine consists of four building complexes, the Maemiya (old shrine), the Honmiya (main shrine), the Harumiya (spring shrine), and the Akimiya (autumn shrine). Gin Getsu offers a good location to enjoy these shrines leisurely. From Gin Getsu, the Shimosha-Akimiya (autumn shrine) is only a three-minute walk and the Shimosha-Harumiya (spring shrine) is only a 15-minute walk.

Suwa Grand Shrine

photo Suwa Grand Shrine

Lake Suwa is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Japan and with a 16 km circumference, the largest in the prefecture. One of Japan's largest firework festivals is held at the lake in summer, as well as the Summer Night Festival, which includes fireworks displays every night during the festival period. While fireworks add charm to the lake in summer, a special natural phenomenon called "Omiwatari" (the god's passage) does so in winter. After a period of severe cold the lake surface freezes completely. Then, during the night when the temperature drops even further, the ice suddenly cracks, making a loud noise and the cracked and frozen lake surface is thrust up in the shape of mountain. You can enjoy jogging or a leisurely walk around the lake that has views of Japan’s South, Central and North Alps.

Suwa Grand Shrine

photo Yashima Marsh

Yashima marsh, which has a height of 1600-1900 meters above sea level, has beautiful mountain plants that have a 12,000-year history. The marsh is located in the northern end of Kirigamine in the Yastsugatake Chusin Kogen Quasi national park. Yashima marsh offers a short but scenic hike through the national park straddling Suwa and Shimo-Suwa in the center of Nagano Prefecture.

Yashima Marsh

photo Sake brewery tour

During your stay, there are many traditional craft and textile workshops you can visit in the area. There is also a unique stone Buddha figure called “Manji no Sekibutsu.” As a special treat, please ask us how you can visit a small sake brewery that is known only to the locals.

Sake brewery tour